Monday, 17 March 2014

Pregnant Women: Society's adult kids

I haven't been pregnant yet, but I would imagine it is a 'wonderful experience' and in most cases a 'source of joy to both parents'. Well, atleast one of them...
I mean why wouldn't you be happy? That fetus inside you could grow up to be somebody great. Like a president, or a doctor.

Weirdly enough, when women find out they are pregnant, they become the moodiest of all. Never mind that 'its hormones' bull-crap they use to excuse their irrational behaviour. They will roll their eyes at you for failing to provide them with the impossible. You would swear they're carrying death, instead of life inside them. Lashing out more angrily when you try to explain simple common sense to them. They'll even threaten to hit you for refusing them service or your time. Accusing you of attitude which they probably imagined in their heads

Their temper tantrums would be cute if they were directed to the father of their child. I mean isn't he the reason you got knocked up? We were not even there! I don't think they understand that the rest of the world doesn't really care about their situation.

They walk like they're carrying heavy luggage. Blah blah their back is sore. They are so fragile, this and that makes them sick. Its like they expect the world to stop and serve them grape juice while fanning them because they are so exhausted of being pregnant. Like its a tough job carrying the next 'Messiah'.

Do they ever stop to think about what a convenience, and perhaps a burden they are to society now? They are bringing another mouth to feed. An added expense to the economy, less oxygen for us to breathe in, an extra person on the queue at McDonalds . The lengths doctors and nurses will go to ensure that they deliver a healthy baby, gifts that will be bought for their baby. That is a lot of money and time spent on their ungrateful arses.

If they realized this, they'd have a more humble attitude towards other people.

 Being pregnant is just a medical state, NOT a sickness.