Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Feminism: Where we've lost the plot

My thoughts

I've probably been a feminist all my life. My family's expectations of me where that you would want your son to grow up to be. Get an education. Get married before you have kids. Acquire your own things.

The challenge we face as women is how to implement feminism in our daily lives, how to live our lives without being made inferior to men.

Personally, I've never looked at myself otherwise. Of course I'm as equal as the next male. He's physically stronger but I have physical assets... he has a sharp brain but I'm a creative thinker. He reasons in a more logical and unemotional manner, whilst I'm passionate and firm.

Feminism is about accepting the differences between men and women and acknowledging the equal importance their roles  play in society. A woman isn't "weak" for being a home maker, emotional, commitment seeker, She's not limited to that either. A man isn't necessarily "stern" for being a modern-day hunter, career focused and acquiring assets. Feminism enables him to choose a different role.

I just think we women are over doing this feminism thing. We are not getting the point.

1. We are mistaking gender equality for expressing ourselves the same way men express themselves. You want to be "free as a sexual creature", but you ignorantly want to interpret that as sleeping with many men because you want to feel as powerful as a man. How are you a free sexual creature by choosing quantity sexual partners instead of quality? Aren't you rather a slave to your own need to compete with the opposite sex?

2. Some women want to have the same standards as men. What works for a man, doesn't necessarily always work for a women.  For example, you want to "enjoy your life" and have children and get married at the age of forty - But you know buy that time chances of a successful pregnancy are lower and you could risk your life... Why be hard on yourself?

I believe we shouldn't be afraid to aim high as men. Infact the bar rises as we strive to take our seats amongst them...

 However, lets not try to BE men.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Pregnant Women: Society's adult kids

I haven't been pregnant yet, but I would imagine it is a 'wonderful experience' and in most cases a 'source of joy to both parents'. Well, atleast one of them...
I mean why wouldn't you be happy? That fetus inside you could grow up to be somebody great. Like a president, or a doctor.

Weirdly enough, when women find out they are pregnant, they become the moodiest of all. Never mind that 'its hormones' bull-crap they use to excuse their irrational behaviour. They will roll their eyes at you for failing to provide them with the impossible. You would swear they're carrying death, instead of life inside them. Lashing out more angrily when you try to explain simple common sense to them. They'll even threaten to hit you for refusing them service or your time. Accusing you of attitude which they probably imagined in their heads

Their temper tantrums would be cute if they were directed to the father of their child. I mean isn't he the reason you got knocked up? We were not even there! I don't think they understand that the rest of the world doesn't really care about their situation.

They walk like they're carrying heavy luggage. Blah blah their back is sore. They are so fragile, this and that makes them sick. Its like they expect the world to stop and serve them grape juice while fanning them because they are so exhausted of being pregnant. Like its a tough job carrying the next 'Messiah'.

Do they ever stop to think about what a convenience, and perhaps a burden they are to society now? They are bringing another mouth to feed. An added expense to the economy, less oxygen for us to breathe in, an extra person on the queue at McDonalds . The lengths doctors and nurses will go to ensure that they deliver a healthy baby, gifts that will be bought for their baby. That is a lot of money and time spent on their ungrateful arses.

If they realized this, they'd have a more humble attitude towards other people.

 Being pregnant is just a medical state, NOT a sickness.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Valentine's Day: The Perfect Marketing Strategy

Its Just A Game

We've turnt up, got down, twerked and tripped all festive season. Its been crazy.

And with the excitement of the holiday being long gone, the year begins in a daze.
Going back to a daily routine is a bore to most. We've overspent, both physically, mentally and financially.

They've already convinced us to buy things we don't need (Don't ask who "they" are use your imagination). Overpriced clothes, Christmas decorations, 'imported furniture'... to mention but a few.

But now they are in trouble. With January being a dry financial month, no one is able to buy items at reduced prices. They need to gain momentum on their sales for the year. They need to get us on the roll again.
So they come up with an evil plan. A cunning yet ingenious idea that started from way back in Roman times and is still works like a charm today. They called this "Valentines Day".

What fascinates me the most? They way it affects people. The feelings that get hurt just because somebody didn't fulfill the obligation of buying them a gift exactly on that day. The showiness of couples in love and their undisguised contempt towards people with no partner in their lives.

I'll just be sitting back, observing.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Stuff that will annoy you this festive season

Christmas Carols
I still don't understand why we sing the same songs every year. And worse you get those screaming Shibas that suddenly get the courage to shine and out sing everyone. Urgh

The po-po
If there's anything these people should be doing at this time of the year, its attending to the sharp increase in accidents, hijackers and rapists. Not arresting people for having a good time. Priorities, Priorities!

That lame romantic movie
This movie usually has a trailer out by this time.
Here's the template for every romantic movie you've ever watched >>> Girl meets Boy. But they can't be together because its inappropriate, Boy has an evil girlfriend. But they proceed to sleep together anyway. He even introduces her to his family! They have a fight, but make up at the end of the movie at some event. He dumps his girlfriend publicly and professes his unquenchable love for Girl. He and Girl get married and have kids and live happily ever after. The end.<<<

The directors creative twist for the holidays? Add Christmas Carols and trees in random parts of the movie

That overplayed track
People suddenly develop a love for the same song. Its usually of a kwaito or a house genre to be played sometime near midnight by the Dj to rev up the drunk crowd. Every channel, every station, every house, every, club every shebeen. Eventually the song will make it self into your head like a slow growing tumor. Playing itself at randoms times. Waking you up while you're asleep. Then it takes over completely and starts playing louder and louder, continuously until you cant take it anymore and end up shooting yourself in the head...

Over doers

Delusions galore
People just become "positive about the next coming new year" to the point of lying to themselves. Unrealistic new year resolutions, awkward dance moves. overspending on useless items, false confidence in approaching women...

That guy you like that suddenly loses interest in you
Simple conversations have them asking you to repeat what you said. But hey never mind that guys just act distracted during this time. Even that guy who you don't like but keeps persisting suddenly finds something more interesting to do than boost your ego. Like seriously? I hate this.

Exes and old friends resurface
To check if you still care about them. No, I don't. As a matter of fact, I had forgotten about your existence. Yes, I don't like you anymore. I hate you. I even wish you death, dear old friend. Have a rotten Christmas and a crappy New Year!

Friday, 15 November 2013

The First Page Of My Diary

Hi, my name is Innocensia

And at first glance, I don't seem any different. Maybe I'm not. What you see is what you get with me. No actual hidden corners. No trying to be mysterious. No mind games whatsoever.
As a matter of fact I'll just go straight and tell you that I am a proud mother.

 Its a role I've completely embraced. I'd brag about it too given the chance. I think motherhood is a role that most of women don't fully own. Once they become a mother a lot of time is spent looking for a father figure for their child. Why not be the best person they can be so they provide their child with everything they want and need?

My son is all I think about. There's a certain kind of language that me and my son and I have. We spend time together, play together. We are like a Two way portal of communication. Words, actions... Although sometimes I feel like he can read my mind and I can read his... Its a connection s deep that sometimes no words are needed.

It scares me. It scares me the way he instinctively knows what I need or exactly how I feel. When I'm upset and need to be left alone. How can such a small boy be capable of expressing that kind of love? How can a little boy his age even understand what his mum needs? Did I teach him all that?
He's more aware than I think.

Its his existence that dares me to stay strong. To keep going, for the both of us. This is what I was made for...

Saturday, 28 September 2013

A Day In The Mind Of A Journalist

I think of myself as an eagle. A high flying all seeing bird that doesn't miss a damn thing. I'm able to zoom into situations and quickly figure out what's going on. And its not always a pretty sight

Not that Johannesburg has ever been the keeper of the innocent. The city breeds criminals and psychopaths walking freely on the streets, blending in like chameleons. I know what you're thinking. You're picturing a black, muscular and athletic robber with a gun in his hand. If you've just pictured this, you are probably living in your own pink, cute rose tinted life and your ignorance deserves a funeral

The Chameleons hate us. They hate us more than the police. The police don't ask questions. They simply find a way to make the situation go away as easy possible. Unless maybe a  death  is involved, some of the most ruthless crimes never see the light of day. They don't care about the logical. Or about exposing the truth. They hate us because we seek the truth. I will go ham on you until you give me the facts. And with those facts I will cross check those 'facts' and get back to you.

I sound like a daredevil don't I? I'm far from brave. But its the tears and the sorrow in the eyes of the innocent that  makes what I do meaningful. In drastic situations, its the children who are the victims. The pain when I ask them to describe the events leading to the rape and death of their daughter. The Chameleons never take responsibility, even when they are responsible. If you are a member  of the  SGB how can you not be responsible for the injury and death of primary kids after a ceiling has fell on them?

Maybe my life is in danger. And sometimes Justice never gets served.
 However none of the above shoots down the eagle for I will fly, fuelled by my passion until I land on the truth


For Chris MC Moagi

I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.
TOM STOPPARD, London Guardian, Mar. 18, 1988

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Soapies: A Neverending Trip To Nowhere



When soapies where cool

Once upon a time, the best thing about getting home after a long day was sitting comfortably on your pull out couch to watch the next episode of Bold and the Beautiful or Generations. There was a fascination really about living the life with the character, from day to day. Feeling what they were feeling. The frustration of shouting to them through the TV screen telling them "No! no! no! don't it!" ,"Shoot him he's the murderer!" or "He loves you take him back damn it!"

Back then there was no internet, we couldn't go to social networks and reads live feeds of each other's reactions. So we would discuss it the next day, make predictions. It was all fun and games... until they became predictable.

Where they went wrong

  • Typical Villain and the Hero characters - Villain never gets caught, gets away with murder
  • The Villain and the Hero will fight for control of the family company, shares will be sold and bought randomly
  • That character that finds their long lost parent, most probably they hate them
  • DNA tests getting switched - the blood sample is always conveniently where they can find it with the name even written on it
  • Return from the dead - Vague explanation about why they were assumed dead even though the body wasn't found after whatever accident they were involved in
  • Hospitals and jails are only for the character who's been incarcerated
  • Talking to the unconscious character who will wait until they leave the room before they slightly move their hand
  • The one who shot the character visits them and tells them why they did it. Or threatens to kill them
  • Those arrested can make as many phone calls as much as they like
  • One or if we're lucky, two police officers and they are always good cops never taking bribes and such. Like that doesn't happen in real life. Really.
  • Two characters in love will most likely be separated by a third party, sometimes its a love triangle that will last forever with the character never really deciding who they want.
  • When having a baby, it comes out as clean as a whistle, and shockingly no umbilical cord attached to it
  • The character will wait until the last possible moment (after the priest has asked the if they do)to call off the wedding
  • The police will wait until the last possible moment (before the judge declares them guilty) to find evidence that will free the wrongfully accused
  • After a supposedly romantic and wild night, the female character wakes up fresh faced, has make up on and her hair is still intact and a matching panty and bra to match
  • Always shocked to find out they are pregnant.